Dive Sites

The dive sites around Triton Bay can be separated into three different areas:

– Within the bay itself, including sites such as Walker’s Reef.
– within the Iris Straight, with sites full of soft coral such as Little Komodo and Bo’s Rainbow.
– On the west and south-east tip of Aiduma, with sites which are more open to the ocean and have more hard coral.

For a general overview of the diving around Triton Bay, please click here.

Little Komodo

Soft Coral

One of Triton Bay’s signature dives, Little Komodo is a beautiful soft coral garden with bommies that are home to anthias, fusiliers, damselfish, and sweetlips. Max depth around 15m and can be dove in any current as the bay is sheltered.


Larry’s Dive Heaven


This site on the ocean side of Aiduma was named in memory of the late Larry Smith.  We’ve seen large schools of surgeonfish, bumphead parrotfish, barracuda, some very big Napoleon wrasse, and turtles here.

Christmas Rock or Disneyland
Near the sout-east tip of Aiduma, this small rock is densely packed with schools of fusiliers, yellow snapper, surgeonfish, and anthias. The site levels out around 20m, where there is a large field of garden eels and towards the south-east the seabed is full of soft coral to the south-east.