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Photo of Triton Bay Divers by Thomas Haider

Get ready to escape from the stresses and strains of everyday life and enjoy the tranquility above and below the waves on Aiduma Island with Triton Bay Divers!

Step back in time and imagine what Indonesia was like 40 years ago. This is how locals from other parts of the country describe the region of Kaimana and Triton Bay, still unspoiled by shopping malls and traffic jams.

Now take a boat ride away from the main town of Kaimana and you will start your adventure to a world untouched and waiting to be explored.

In 2008 the Kaimana Regency was declared a Marine Protected Area and our resort is just minutes from some of the best dives sites in Triton Bay and the Iris Strait. With only a few liveaboards ever reaching this area you will be one of only a very few to experience the wonders that lay beneath the waves.

We are the only dive resort in the area and with just 6 spacious detached bungalows, we aim to offer a very personalised service and a holiday never to be forgotten.

We look forward to welcoming you to Triton Bay Divers!

During our initial surveys of the area in 2006, we were particularly blown away by the biomass of big reef fishes – especially groupers, sweetlips, snappers – and huge schools of fusiliers and surgeonfishes. We recorded the highest average abundances of commercially-important reef fishes here of anywhere we’ve surveyed in the Coral Triangle! We also immediately recognized this area is very unique, with a plethora of new and endemic reef fish species and reefscapes dominated by soft corals and ahermatypic corals. At the time we left, we really felt we’d only just ‘scratched the surface’ of this stunningly beautiful area, and all of us have been hungry to get back and spend more time exploring the area. As such, we’re delighted that Triton Bay Divers is now opening and will have the opportunity to really explore this magical region.
Dr. Mark Erdmann – Marine Biologist, Senior Advisor for Conservation International