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Diving4Images Coming to Triton Bay Divers!

Triton Bay Divers is pleased to announce that Graham Abbott of Diving4Images is planning up to 3 trips, two in Oct 2016 and one in Feb 2017 with UW photographer Shannon Conway.

There are few guides in Indonesia with as much knowledge and experience as Graham.  He was one of the pioneers of diving in Triton Bay as he guided the team from Conservation International, which included Drs. Gerry Allen & Mark Erdmann, during their exploratory trip in 2006.  He has also led film crews and professional photographers from the BBC, IMAX 3D, and National geographic to other exotic locations in Indonesia.

The focus of the two Oct 2016 trips will be to look for unknown species, with nudibranchs the main subject for the second one.  If you are a nudi lover, this is not to be missed.  A gallery of the rare and unknown species he has seen on his trips can be found here at this link rare and unknown species.  The dates for the first trip are 15 Oct ~29 Oct, 2016 and the dates for the second trip are 29 Oct ~ 12 Nov, 2016.

As always, Graham will be keen to explore new dive sites and we think there may still be a few left for him.  In Feb 2017, Graham and Shannon will search for wide angle opportunities at our fishiest and best soft coral sites.  Shannon will also do a few presentations and photo critiques while here.  The dates for this trip have yet to be confirmed.

Colours of Triton Bay

Currently there are only a few spots left, and Graham’s reputation and our relatively small size means that these spaces will be taken up quickly.  If you would like a chance to dive with and learn from a true professional, you can contact either us directly or Graham at info@diving4images.com.

For more information on Diving4Images, please check out the link below: